Sanderson Stewart’s Culture of Inclusion

Sanderson Stewart is committed to equity, inclusivity, and diversity in our company, work, and communities. We are advancing policies and practices to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure that inclusivity, equity, and diversity are factored into our work.
  • Exceed the standards of our professions to improve the wellbeing of all in the communities we serve.
  • Support organizations that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the communities where we work.
  • Encourage employees to celebrate each other while striving to be gracious about our differences.  

Sanderson Stewart has adopted the following definitions:

  • Diversity encompasses race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability, educational attainment, spiritual beliefs, creed, culture, tribal affiliation, nationality, immigration status, political beliefs, veteran status, economic status, and others.
  • Equity ensures access, resources, opportunities, and enablement for all to succeed and grow. Equity considers everyone’s unique needs and acknowledges historical and systemic barriers.
  • Inclusion involves authentic and active participation that creates a true sense of belonging within a group or structure.