This week we sat down with Bobby Egeberg, PE to talk about what he looks forward to bringing to the role of Commercial Manager of the Bozeman office.
Our conversation centered on growing Bozeman right—at the company and community levels.

What growth do you hope to foster in the Bozeman office?

“We have a solid and dedicated group in Bozeman with varying levels of expertise and training. I look forward to helping grow the skillset of the group and advancing people internally.” 

What are your thoughts on growth in the Bozeman area?

“In periods of rapid growth, it’s easy for projects and developments to be rushed. That is not something I want for this region. I make every effort to look at each project holistically. I constantly ask myself how my plans and designs will affect the community as a whole. For those of us who live and work in Bozeman, our actions have a direct effect on the people closest to us: friends, family, and neighbors. That’s why it’s personal for me—I’m committed to making sure we improve quality of life rather than diminish it. Thankfully, we have a diverse team of traffic engineers, planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, and survey professionals in-house which makes collaboration a breeze and allows us to do what’s right.”
Congratulations on your promotion Bobby! We look forward to all the good things you will bring to the role of Commercial Manager of the Bozeman office.