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Design Thinking Meets Project Management



You don’t know




You Don’t Know




with designing a project requiring the expertise of several professionals. One may look at the project from their specific perspective and not know the requirements that someone with a different expertise would take for granted. When you don’t know, costly redesign can be required to accommodate changes, and opportunities can be missed. At Sanderson Stewart, we believe it is best when everyone on the design team understands the specific challenges and opportunities from the beginning of the project –

when everyone knows what everyone else knows about the project.

Say hello to Complete Design.

It is when all of the disciplines in a design team of diverse backgrounds and expertise gather at the beginning of a project to present their perspectives and to discuss potential challenges and opportunities. This SSandbox session, as we call it, creates a common basis of design and vision for the project that everyone can move toward.

Design thinking meets project management.

When everyone is in the know and moving in the same direction, some really special things happen. There are fewer conflicts of interest throughout the process. There is less time and money wasted on rework. There are no “if only’s.” And the design solution is just better: more complete. Within our specialized delivery groups, we have multi-disciplinary experts who work together, combining their expertise and points of view to provide a complete design. Learn more about Specialized Delivery.

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