Ivan Ulberg, PE Senior Transportation Engineer

Ivan is a Senior Transportation Engineer in our DOT Group after spending 30 years with the Montana Department of Transportation; most recently as the Design Engineer for the Traffic and Safety Bureau.  Throughout his career, Ivan has successfully integrated the aspects of behavior, safety, and nominal vs. substantive design.  In 1994 he began his career in the Safety Management Section where he became familiar with the conventional aspects of a crash mitigation program, identifying crash trends, proposing countermeasures, and calculating benefit/cost ratios and programmed safety improvements on an annualized basis.  As a project engineer, and later manager of the Design Section of the Traffic and Safety Bureau, Ivan implemented many of FHWAs proven safety countermeasures along Montana roadways, often as programmatic approaches to statewide crash trends.  As MDT’s Access Management Engineer, he rewrote policy that trended away from individual property issues to corridor-wide plans that focused on safety and operations. Ivan also has experience in leading the exploration of new and innovative solutions for active transportation features that foster a safe user experience on the state highway system, particularly in urban areas; he is able to stay current and relevant through his membership in the National Committee for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) and time spent participating in annual NACTO Designing Cities Conferences.

Ivan applied his transportation safety expertise to many, many projects across Montana.  Recent projects include:

  • Intersection design of 9th S NW & Watson Coulee Rd, Great Falls, Montana
  • Road design and access control from Red Lodge to Roberts, Montana
  • Roundabout design at the intersection of Rimrock Rd & 62nd St W, Billings, MT
  • Traffic engineering for multiple projects including the traffic signals in Big Sky, Montana

Ivan’s Professional Training

Designing Cities Conference, NACTO, 2015-2018

62nd National Transportation Management Conference, AASHTO, 2017

Modern Roundabouts: Intersections Designed for Safety, FHWA, 2016

FHWA Lighting Handbook Workshop, FHWA, 2014 FHWA-NHI-142046 Bicycle Facilities Design, NHI, 2012

FHWA-NHI-142045 Pedestrian Facilities Design, NHI, 2012

Highway Safety Manual, NHI, 2011

Ivan’s Awards

2011 AASHTO National Value Engineering Award, Team Member