There’s magic in the little things!

In 2023 ranked Bozeman, Montana among the World’s Greatest Places. In the article, the little North Black Pocket Park outfitted with a red ski chair and water-wise landscaping was called out as an example of beautification projects in the works that are infusing the city with art and flair.

Our Placemaking Studio had the unique opportunity to design this sweet little spot to enhance the community by converting an underutilized and neglected corner into a whimsical respite space.

Among the design goals were:

  • Simple, unadorned materials used in interesting and sophisticated ways.
  • Low-maintenance installations that can withstand intense use.
  • Enhancement of existing streetscape.
  • Provide a sense of discovery or whimsy with art installations or furnishings.

Interested in creating pocket parks in your downtown? We can help!