Countyline Road Improvements, Erie, CO


Erie, CO

Kerry Childress, PE, RSP1


Sanderson Stewart has been working with the Town of Erie for improvements along County Line Road to help bring to focus multi-modal improvements that enhance safety along the critical corridor through Erie. The improvements along County Line Road will increase safety and accessibility for the community and provide connectivity for residents, businesses, the nearby schools, and the Town Community Center (located just south of the project). The project, which spans a half-mile along the minor arterial roadway, connects with multiple access points, a bike trail, an out-of-use rail line, and multiple intersections, including Jay Road/Cheesman Street, the east-west collector roadway that connects to US 287.

Sanderson Stewart gathered vehicular and active transportation user information about County Line Road by collecting traffic (vehicle and bicycle/pedestrian) volume data at intersections along the corridor. We are reaching out to the community to hear concerns and needs from the users of the corridor via a project website. Also, working with local partners such as the school district, police department, and local businesses, we gathered valuable information on safety concerns and corridor needs. We are performing a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) evaluation, stormwater and environmental assessments, and providing information before proceeding with a design for this critical connection. The facility that is designed will provide drivers and active transportation users with a safer space to travel along County Line Road while considering the environmental clearances, utility changes, and stormwater needs. It is critical to achieve these goals for the corridor while minimizing impacts to community citizens.

Visit the project website here