The Atlanta Belt Line is an ambitious trails, open space, parks and redevelopment proposal that utilizes several segments of abandoned, underutilized, and very active railroad right of way that encircle the City of Atlanta.

  • Right of way width varies considerable throughout the project, necessitating many different design approaches to providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, from grade separated trails to on-street paths.
  • While emphasis is on trails, land use change is addressed through the designation of activity nodes that are near the system and primed for change. Many areas have been transitioning away from industrial uses for some time.
  • Extensive effort has gone into integrating and aligning the beltline plan with other plans. Including transit and transportation and parks and open space.
  • Funding sources include local government, foundation and philanthropic and the use of Tax Allocation Districts, which is similar to a TIF district.

Similar to 5th Avenue North

  • Transportation and trails component
  • Managing land use change and transition component
  • Diversity of available right of way width, but often narrow
  • Adjacent to active rail operations