Project Oversite Committee Meeting #3

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Summary of POC meeting 3

MEETING DATE: August 20, 2020
TIME: 10:00am
LOCATION: Zoom Meeting

  1. Update/Discussion on Recent Work
    a. Review of Stakeholder Meetings
    i. Downtown Resource Officers
    ii. BIRD Owners
    Reviewed comments received during recent meeting with Downtown Billings Resource Officer Brad Mansur and Kody Christensen-Linton, Downtown Resource Outreach Coordinator. They provided input on future design considerations to limit transient activity, such as use low shrubs and landscaping to limit hiding places, don’t include anything that would create “camps,” and make sure there is enough room for police and emergency vehicles to drive down the corridor. They also provided input on graffiti and so-called “taggers.”
    Reviewed comments from stakeholder meetings with property owners from the BIRD area. There was significant outreach to distribute invitations but only had 4 people attend in person. That group included the 2 most active rail users. Concerns were expressed about public safety where rail loading/unloading occur and that it is not conducive to pedestrian activity. General support was expressed for other area improvements, in particular from 20th to the west. Questions about what can be done with the “unused” portion of MRL properties.
    Discussed continuing stakeholder outreach to include property owners along the North-South spur between 5th and Montana. Also discussed setting up next round of meetings with Montana Rail Link to discuss the input received from the community and stakeholders so far and to discuss opportunities.
    b. Website and Virtual Open House
    i. Review Website
    Reviewed the contents of the project website, which includes project intro and project goals, maps of the project area and case studies of similar projects in other communities. Reviewed the contents of the “Virtual Open House” section of the website, which gives the public the opportunity to provide input on the Project Vision, Transportation and other Opportunities, and Priorities. Discussed that final revisions will be made, and the site launched in the next week, followed by community advertising of the site.
  2. Next Steps
    • Stakeholder Outreach
    o Individual meetings and follow-ups from previous stakeholder roundtables
    o Owners along N-S spur to MT Ave
    o Montana Rail Link
    • Launch website and advertise virtual open house
    • Begin Land Use/Redevelopment analysis
    • Begin Corridor Visioning
    • Next POC Meeting – September 17 at 10:00 am
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