Project Oversite Committee Meeting #5

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MEETING DATE: Thursday, October 15, 2020
TIME: 10 -11:00 a.m.
LOCATION: via Zoom

  1. Introductions
    a. Check-in
  2. Update/Discussion
    a. Review of Virtual Open House comments & survey results
    Reviewed number of responses, with lower than expected turnout so far of approximately 60 responses. Committee felt that we should reopen and encourage more participation. Need to get the word out through the DBA and other organizations and Billings Gazette. BSED will also include information in their weekly email.
    b. Re-visit Preliminary Project Vision (in response to public input)
    Public comments were summarized and discussed. Several comments related to a street-level crossing at N. 27th Avenue. Discussions with MDT regarding a crossing have not taken place. It was suggested that those conversations center around what would it take for MDT to approve a crossing and how we can work with MDT to make it happen.
    Public comments focused on bike and pedestrian activity. Zack noted that the project should create accessibility to downtown from adjacent neighborhoods
    c. Project Vision Statement – review and discuss
    A list of words that capture the comments from stakeholders and the public was reviewed as a starting point for the project vision. It was suggested that the word “Inclusive” be added to the list.
    d. Context Analysis and Concept Development
    Reviewed several drawings that illustrate the first steps toward developing a corridor concept design.
    e. Montana Rail Link – next steps to
  3. Next Steps
    a. Stakeholder/Owner outreach along spur connection to MT Avenue
    b. Land Use/Re-development analysis
    c. Visualizations of project vision
    d. Schedule Open House #2
    e. Write draft plan document
  4. Next POC Meeting
    a. Project Oversight Committee Meeting – Thursday, November 19, 10:00 a.m.

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Cycle Path

Consider ‘surface level greenroof’ parking lots to create publicly accessible, programable, multiuse space similar to the Columbus Commons in Ohio. Starting with the Y, Lincoln Center, Library and/or YAM lots — this approach could serve as a model for walkability, increased asthetics and added land value (even additional residential land?) throughout the medical corridor or around malls.

Cycle Path

I’m looking for the Nov 19th meeting notes. Any updates?