Thank you to everyone who responded to our Community Survey. We received many thoughtful and informational comments. Below is a summary of the responses.

Use of County Line Road Questions

What is your preferred mode (other options)?

  • Horseback
  • Rollerblade
  • Tractor

Why is this your preferred mode?

  • Enjoy running
  • Walk the dog
  • Lifestyle
  • Physical health benefits
  • Environmental impacts
  • Incomplete and unmaintained bike lanes
  • Saves time and money to bike

Do you feel comfortable walking or biking on County Line Road?

  • No, we need more buffer from vehicles, there is not a good bike or walking path
  • It’s uninviting and too much traffic
  • People speed and run the stop sign at Jay Rd/Cheesman St
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes are disconnected and shoulders are too narrow
  • It is difficult to cross the street as a pedestrian
  • I would not allow my children to walk or bike on CLR because of safety concerns
  • Delays and back-ups at school time make it uncomfortable
  • At night the streets are very dark and need lighting
  • I will only let my kids walk on CLR when a crossing guard is present
  • If there were a path/sidewalk along County Line Road, it would make all the difference!
  • High speeds are concerning
  • High amounts of traffic traveling too fast without sidewalks
  • Strongly encourage safety features be built.

Comments about safety when walking or biking on County Line Road

  • No shoulder or bike path
  • Feels high risk to bike on this corridor
  • Too close to traffic, need a bike lane
  • When there is a right turn off the road it can be awkward because drivers don’t recognize bikers’ direction of travel

What is your biggest safety concern about County Line Road?

  • The four way stop at Jay Road/Cheesman Street without crosswalk signals or turn lanes
  • Lack of a bike lane or sidewalk
  • Speed poorly enforced between Balcolm Street and Cheesman Street
  • High volume and speed of traffic
  • Cars do not give priority to bicyclist and pedestrians
  • Poor visibility and poor shoulders
  • Balcolm Street needs crosswalks, sight visibility on the NE corner is poor
  • Cross traffic on County Line Road is at a disadvantage due to excessive speed
  • Need delineated (painted) lines
  • Concern that if the road is wider and nicer, vehicles will go faster so it will not be any safer
  • Distracted drivers
  • Lack of shoulder to allow cars to pass cyclists and pedestrians safety
  • School zone is chaotic and the lack of crossing guards for school
  • Lack of streetlights, it is difficult to see pedestrians and bikes once the sun goes down
  • It is hard to see peds and bikes at the recreational trail crossing
  • Narrow lanes

Design Questions

Separated Path
Shared Use Path

What safety or mobility improvements would you like to see along County Line Road?

  • Crosswalk signals at the four- way stop (Cheesman St/Jay Rd) would be nice
  • Bicyclists have their own lanes
  • Dedicated sidewalk
  • A wider multi purposes path
  • Separate pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Slow down speeding cars
  • Blinking lights when pedestrians cross
  • Traffic light at Jay Road/Cheesman Street with left turn lanes
  • Concern for noise abatement
  • Protected bicycle paths with physical barriers, wider sidewalks with a physical buffer (ie landscaping and potentially elevating the sidewalk), traffic calming measures, RRFBs
  • Speed bumps, stop signs, shared paths on both sides of the streets
  • Etiquette program for walking/biking on a sidewalk
  • More enforcement of speeding
  • Turn lane at major intersections
  • Adaptions for people with disabilities
  • Planting trees for traffic calming to help keep vehicular speeds low
  • Raised crosswalks

Demographic Questions