Graves Avenue Safe Routes to School in the Town of Estes Park

Preliminary Design (30%)

The Town of Estes Park, with input from the Town’s Transportation Advisory Board and community input, has selected a two-path solution for the Graves Avenue Safe Routes to School project. Initial community input led to the creation of three conceptual design options, and the feedback on those conceptual designs clarified the desire and need for paths along both sides of Graves Avenue. The design of both paths has been completed at the 30% level and it is anticipated that the construction of the project will occur in two phases.

Phase 1 includes:

  • A 5-foot wide sidewalk along the north side, aligning with the existing sidewalk on the west end of Graves Avenue
  • 2-foot curb and gutter along the corridor 
  • New lane configurations will be striped to help with traffic calming and reducing roadway width for the second phase of the project. Configuration includes:
    • A 9-foot wide westbound lane
    • A 10-foot wide eastbound lane
    • A 6-foot lane for on-street parking

Phase 2 includes:

  • A 10-foot wide trail along the south side, widening the existing sidewalk into the existing parking lane
  • 2-foot curb and gutter along the corridor
  • Anticipated need for easements along the south side where the trail will cross public right of way

Technical Drawings

Phase 1: 30% Design Plans

Phase 2: 30% Design Plans

Project Introduction and Background

The Town of Estes Park was awarded Safe Routes to School (SRTS) funding via the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The SRTS program’s purpose is to enable and encourage children to walk, bike, and roll to and from school by making routes safer, and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles.

The Town of Estes Park’s Graves Avenue Sidewalk and Brodie Avenue sidewalk connector project will include the construction of a continuous sidewalk on one or both sides of Graves Avenue, plus a sidewalk connector from the Brodie Avenue sidewalk to the Elementary School’s parking lot crosswalk.  The improvements along Graves Avenue and the Brodie Avenue Sidewalk Connector will increase safety and accessibility and will also provide connectivity with the neighborhood housing on and near Graves Avenue, the schools, and the Estes Valley Community Center.

Project Schedule