Project Team

Meet your Sanderson Stewart Project team!

Kerry Childress, PE

Project Manager | Senior Engineer

Kerry joined the Sanderson Stewart Community Transportation Studio in the Spring of 2020 as a Senior Transportation Engineer working from the firm’s Fort Collins office. She has over 9 years of experience with FHWA working as a Division Office Safety Engineer, Highway Research Engineer, and FHWA-NHTSA Safety Liaison. She has experience in pedestrian and bicycle safety, work zone safety, sign design, educational outreach, multi-modal safety collaboration, and crash data analysis. She’s had experience working with Federal Agencies (FHWA, FTA, FRA and NHTSA) and many local and state partners. She was the contracting officer and project manager for the FHWA $1.6 M Pooled Fund Study incorporating 26 state DOTs to evaluate the NCHRP 17-18 500-series guidebooks on Low Cost Safety Measures, providing evaluation and guidance of the implementation of the AASHTO Highway Strategic Safety Plan.

Role: Design Lead, Public Meetings Lead, Document Preparation (plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E), bidding documents)

Benefit to Estes Park: Kerry’s background with the FHWA means that she is experienced working effectively with local, state and federal partners and able to provide safe and innovative solutions. She has a passion for, and in-depth experience in, safety and crash analysis and determining innovative strategies to help reduce crashes while providing efficient mobility. She has worked with Safe Routes to Schools projects, promoting safety in communities, and facilitated many TAC meetings through successful pooled fund projects and enjoys public outreach.

Danielle Scharf, PE, PTOE

Senior Transportation Engineer | Multimodal Design | SRTS Expert

Danielle is a Principal with Sanderson Stewart and the firm’s Bozeman Region Manager. As a senior transportation engineer, Danielle is responsible for roadway design and traffic operations analysis. She has had extensive training in the areas of bike and pedestrian planning and design, road design, traffic signal and innovative intersection design, and traffic impact assessment. She is a National Course Instructor certified by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, an active member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), and is a leader in the firm’s transportation discipline. She has designed and managed numerous SRTS and CTEP trail projects which have included local DOT funding and public outreach.

Role: Design Assistance, SRTS Expertise, Public Meetings Assistance

Benefit to Estes Park: Danielle is the firm’s resident expert in CTEP and SRTS-funded trail projects; her public outreach and design experience in these types of projects is invaluable to the project team and will result in a safe and enduring design solution for users to enjoy for years to come.

Ryan Barr, EI

Project Manager | Town Pavement Manager

Ryan joined the Town of Estes Park in the Summer of 2018 as the Pavement Manager for the Public Works Department, Engineering Division. Ryan has over 5 years of experience in project management with a focus on roadway and trail projects. Since joining the Town, Ryan has served as Project Manager for the annual street improvement program (crack seal, chip seal, overlay and patching), the annual concrete repair program, the Fourth Street Rehabilitation project, the Brodie Avenue Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project, the Third Street Traffic Calming pilot programs, and the Fall River Trail extension project. Ryan has aided in preparing grant applications to successfully secure grant funding for projects such as this one, which is critical to help stretch the Town’s limited availability of construction funds.

Role: Coordination Among Stakeholders (Sanderson Stewart, CDOT, Transportation Advisory Board [TAB], Estes Park School District, Estes Valley Community Center, Utilities, other Town Departments, impacted properties, and more), Design and Document Review (PS&E, bidding documents, pay applications), Construction Management

Benefit to Estes Park: Ryan’s experience at the Town provides local knowledge of what will be needed to ensure a successful project from start to finish. His involvement in the Brodie Avenue SRTS project provides critical insight to the requirements of completing a project through Colorado SRTS. Ryan has an established working relationship with many of the project stakeholders and understands their underlying concerns, and he is always willing to discuss the project with interested citizens.