Did you know that there are currently over 43,000 traffic fatalities per year in the United States?
How many of those could be prevented with better-designed safety improvements? How many deaths are acceptable? Well, many communities have a vision for zero deaths, and we agree. Designing a Safe System requires a fundamentally different approach to traffic safety, and our Road Safety Professionals (RSP) have the training and holistic view to provide increased safety for the traveling public.

Our Community Transportation Studio has 6 Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOE) and 3 RSP1s who work every day to make traveling around our communities safer for everyone. They engage all stakeholders – including government at all levels, industry, non-profit/advocacy groups, researchers, and the general public – to prevent fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways. This responsibility is collaboratively shared via education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency response (EMS) the 4Es.  With this collaboration and insight, they implement a Safer System approach to planning and designing communities that is holistic and proactive.

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