Built on the same foundation, but thousands of miles apart.

We are Sanbell! Sanbell is formed by the merging of 4 strong companies. Sanderson Stewart, Bellecci, Summit Engineering, and Coleman Engineering.

Each firm will continue to operate under its current brand name but will function as a single enterprise under the leadership of CEO Michael Sanderson and the firm’s current local owner/principals. Our founders, although in different regions of the country, had the same enduring values which we still hold dear today: honest hard work, integrity, grit, and a spirit of service, to name a few.

Sanderson Stewart started in a garage in Billings, Montana, in 1969. Bob Sanderson and John Stewart knew then that the firm’s purpose would be more than just civil engineering and land surveying. They envisioned planning and designing enduring communities.


In 1983, Frank Bellecci started a civil engineering and land surveying office in Concord, California in a one-room office over TR’s Bar & Grill on Salvio Street.  He had similar aspirations – embracing challenges and creating community through intelligent, responsible infrastructure. Our founders had similar visions, and knew it would take tremendous effort, integrity, sound engineering, and a relentless pursuit of their vision to achieve it. It is on that foundation, built from invaluable lessons learned, that we will build our company on today.

Summit Engineering Corporation was started by Tom Gallagher and Don McHarg in Tom’s kitchen in Reno, Nevada in 1978, and they have been Engineering the West ever since. In the beginning, they provided civil engineering design and land surveying, but their vision of responsible, respectful development led to expanded services. By 1986 Summit had added geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and inspection and water rights surveying. Today, Summit also provides environmental management and photogrammetry to clients across the West from offices in Reno and Elko, Nevada.

Our expanded diversity in geography, expertise, and culture will be another cornerstone of this strong foundation. Sanbell will be more resilient, stronger, and better.

We share a strong foundation, and we are better together.



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