Congratulations! Your development is a go. As you begin assembling a powerhouse team of planners, engineers, architects, and builders, take care not to overlook another vital component of your endeavor; staking the footing for your brand.

Branding is essential to making a splash in the built environment today. A strong brand will differentiate your cutting-edge business park or upscale mixed-use development from the competition and draw attention to your project long before construction starts.

A good planning and design firm understands the value of property branding and how integral it is to the foundation of a project. It establishes the look, tone, manner, and feel of the project from the very beginning and serves to guide the entire project team from pre-development through to construction and on to operations. Creating a recognizable brand at the very start can increase demand for your space and elevate its presence in the market.

Sanderson Stewart is pleased to offer a white paper that outlines the first, and often overlooked, first steps commercial developers should take at the onset of a project.

It starts with asking the Five Essential Questions;

  1. What is Your Higher Purpose?
  2. Who is Your Customer?
  3. What is Your Brand Promise?
  4. What is Your Brand Character?
  5. What is Your Brand Voice?

Next we confidently move on to:

  1. Brand Design
  2. Creation of Brand Tangibles
  3. Selection of Marketing Channels

Intrigued? Brand Early. Build Buzz. Steps in Branding a Commercial Property Development is our latest SSmarticle and complimentary white paper ready for immediate download.

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